Congratulations to the Class of 2019


Congratulations to the class of 2019! We are honored to watch you grow the past four years at Cathedral!

The class received a record-breaking $57.6 million in reported scholarship offers! Not only is this the highest scholarship amount ever for a Cathedral graduating class, it's the highest average per student in Cathedral's history. 

May God continue to bless them as they go out into the world with the competence to see and the courage to act.


Student Name Where Attending
Adams, Luke C. Ball State University
Ahlrichs, Cory William University of Dayton
Albean, Kathryn Z. Purdue University
Alexander, Jane Christina Saint Mary's College
Allee, Isabel Mariana Fashion Institute of Technology
Barker, Giancarlo Vincenzo Wabash College
Beaty, Mya Danielle Indiana University
Bell, Joseph Michael Indiana University
Beloat, Ava Renee Miami University
Berry, Colin Michael University of Kentucky
Berry, Conor Thomas Indiana University
Bertrand, Mitchell Jeffrey Wabash College
Betner, Lily E University of Colorado at Boulder
Bigelow, Matthew Kennelly Purdue University
Bocchinfuso, Phoebe Claire Indiana University
Boyle, Nora Rose IUPUI
Brady, Charles Connelly Wabash College
Brenton, Grace Mackenzie Purdue University
Bridges, Blake Lawrence Indiana University
Browne, Caroline Carter Indiana University
Buford, Jalen Gyles Morehouse College
Bullock, Taylor Lauren University of Cincinnati
Burger, Joseph Paetz University of Cincinnati
Bussman, Christian Anthony Indiana University
Butler, Samuel J Indiana University
Caito, Carson A University of South Florida
Callaghan, Sean Robert University of Notre Dame
Cannon, Mary-Benning Claire New York University
Cardenas, Francie Sabrina University of Indianapolis
Cardoza Manzano, Diana Del Carmen Marian University
Carr, Katherine Marie Indiana University
Carrico, Lucas James Purdue University
Carrico, Olivia Lauren DePauw University
Cerar, Luke Peter Indiana University
Cerefin, Cameron Renee Colorado State University
Chai, Yuanming Boston University
Chapman, William Alexander Purdue University
Christopher, Marita Kaye Indiana University
Cissell, Chon'Dre Keyshon Thomas More College
Clark, Grant Brierton Marquette University
Clark, Malcolm Alexander Indiana State University
Clevenger, Harold William University of Southern Indiana
Collins, Dorion Akil Indiana University
Connaughton, John Keegan Indiana University
Copeland, William Ryne Purdue University
Cortese, Thomas Anthony Indiana University
Cox, McKenzie Anne Loyola University Chicago
Crannell, Chloe Isabella Xavier University
Cripps, Sydney Elizabeth University of Notre Dame
Dalton, Abigail K. DePauw University
Daly, Elizabeth Rose IUPUI
Darling, Andrew James Purdue University
Darrington, Kevin Jackson The University of Alabama
Davis, Evan William Quincy University
Dawn, Evan Michelle DePauw University
Day, Joseph Michael Indiana State University
de Boer, Tim Michael Maastricht University
Ditlevson, Micayla Love Indiana University
Douglas, Timothy William DePauw University
Doyle, Emma Aileen Indiana University
Drehs, Nicholas S. Wabash College
Dunwoody, Tanner F Lindenwood University
Fallouh, Fares IUPUI
Faulkner, Emma Marie Xavier University
Finnell, Joseph Grand Valley State University
Flinn, Alec Klein Indiana University
Franklin, Armaan Khalil Indiana University
Franklin, James C. University of Saint Francis
Gallagher, Katherine A University of Central Florida
Gallant, Victoria Rose University of Notre Dame
Gallogly, Sean Lewis Indiana University
Garcia, Susan Margaret University of Dayton
Garza, Jennifer Yadira IUPUI
Gaul, Zachary Aaron Lift Academy
Gillig, James Caileb Indiana University
Goggans, Malcolm C. Franklin College
Gomez, Stuart Asher Miami University
Gradison, Joseph Brooks Indiana University
Graff, Jacob Daniel Indiana University
Grant, Jaylen Walter Marian University
Griffin, Nathaniel Wilson Indiana University
Gruber, Noah William University of Cincinnati
Grund, James Deane Florida Gulf Coast University
Gumino, Grace Olivia Indiana University
Haas, John J Purdue University
Hagarty, Richard M. Miami University
Haigerty, Peter Mills Indiana University
Hall, Joshua Arthur Indiana University
Hankins, Matthew Kyle Xavier University
Harvey, Rylan A. Texas Southern University
Haselby, Samuel William Gap Year
Haslett, Derek James Wabash College
Hastings-Smith, Sydney Nicole Northwestern University
Hawkins, Nandi Sanaa University of Dayton
Helmen, Connor James Xavier University
Helmen, Jenna Marie Purdue University
Helmen, Lauren Elizabeth Purdue University
Hensley, Justin Robert Wabash College
Hocker, Cole Davage University of Oregon
Hoeft, Joshua David Purdue University
Hofmann, Sarah A Purdue University
Hohman, Kristen Mae Indiana University
Hotchkiss, Laurel Dove Brescia University
Huff, Emma Victoria IUPUI
Huntington, Gregory Niles University of Kentucky
Hurley, Brendan Chikara University of Notre Dame
Hutchens, John Christian United States Naval Academy
Hutchison, Sam Wesley Miami University
Irving, Morgan May Indiana University
Jennings, Lily Catherine DePauw University
Johnson, Coledon James Wabash College
Johnson, Emma Elizabeth University of Dayton
Johnson, Zion Yatil Marian University
Kacius, Samuel Alexander University of Notre Dame
Kallman, Jacob David Indiana University
Kaufman, Blake Kenneth DePauw University
Kelley, Mary Katherine University of Dayton
Kendall, Kayla Renee Indiana University
Kent, Sarah Elizabeth University of Michigan
Kinder, Claire Margaret Purdue University
King, Maya Ayanna Ball State University
Klase, Kyle Robert Indiana State University
Kluger, Kyle Robert Indiana University
Kobza, Jacob Tyson University of Southern Indiana
Koers, Alexander Michael Wabash College
Kolosso, Nikalaas S Marian University
Konesco, Anabel May University of Notre Dame
Koscielski, Claire Ann University of Cincinnati
Kowalevsky, Grace Rose University of California, Berkeley
Krolewski, Richard Michael Indiana University
Kronenberger, Cassandra Ann University of Notre Dame
Kunkel, Trevor Donald Indiana University
Kwon, Isabelle Eun Hye Indiana University
Langdon, Allen G. Purdue University
Lay, Joshua James Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Lee, Madeline Maureen Xavier University
Leffel, John Herbert University of Kentucky
Lehman, Ian Jeffery Foster Vincennes University
Leighton, Rachel Nicole Purdue University
Leous, Quinn Killion Wabash College
Letcher, Angelica Grace Butler University
Lewis, Stephanie Michelle DePaul University
Link, Graysen Elizabeth Indiana University
Loftin, Hailey Lynn Indiana University
Lowe, Blake Oliver Purdue University
Lucas, Courtney Kai University of Colorado at Boulder
Lucia, Cecelia Anne Colorado State University
Luo, Yonglin Miami University
Maclin, Maantiasha Rehsunn Ball State University
Madden, Henry Arthur Jacob Purdue University
Maginn, Timothy K Indiana University
Maher, James Robert Indiana University
Mahurin, Magnas Lachlaan Undecided
Maley, Alexander James Indiana University
Manley, Sydney Katherine Indiana University
Marcou, Anna Grace Butler University
Martin, Dalton Gregory Indiana University
Martin, Nasim Syncere Indiana State University
Mason, Nicole Grace University of Dayton
Mattingly, Lucas Charles Marian University
Mazur, Camryn Lynn Indiana University
McCormick, Kiernan Andrew Purdue University
McCoy, Dailah Brooke Ball State University
McDaniel, Madison Marie Indiana University
McGibboney, Dashann Anai Indiana State University
McGinley, Meg Riley University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
McHugh, Halle Judith University of Colorado at Boulder
McKamey, Miranda Elizabeth Indiana University
McKinney, Madyson Christine University of Dayton
McNulty, Michael David St. Edward's University
Merlina, Monica Claire Indiana State University
Merrell, Maxwell David University of Indianapolis
Meyer, Rose B Butler University
Miller, Kennedy Leigh Lipscomb University
Minch, Aidan Daniel Ball State University
Minnis, Taylar Irene Indiana University
Monesmith, Grant Alexander Indiana University
Montefalco, Haven Alexander Harvard University
Moore, Melissa Anne University of South Carolina
Morales, Allen Isaac University of Dayton
Moriarty, Megan Anne University of Dayton
Morrison, Evann Lamonte Ivy Tech Community College
Morse, Elliott B Furman University
Mosconi, Alexander Michael Ohio University
Mourouzis, Nick Harrison DePauw University
Mudd, Georgia Rose Chapman University
Murdock, Shane Anthony Indiana University
Murphy, Elizabeth Marie Indiana University
Neu, Jack E. Ball State University
Nguyen, Holley Han Indiana University
Nierste, Jackson Temple Xavier University
O'Connor, Caitlin Maureen Indiana University
O'Connor, Kevin John Ivy Tech Community College
O'Dell, Colin A. Indiana University
O'Neal, Rodney La'Shawn Indiana University
Obst, Zoie Jane DePauw University
Ocampo-Morales, Leonardo Andres IUPUI
Odle, Camille Montgomery University of Notre Dame
Officer, Judah Aaron Marian University
Ongtawco, Alexa Jomarie Villacastin Indiana University
Orcutt, Emma Mae Kathleen Purdue University
Orr, Morgan Elizabeth Indiana University
Osler, Caroline Christy Butler University
Owsley, Jordan Lee DePauw University
Parr, Jack Lindy Purdue University
Peduto, Gia Francesca Purdue University
Pehlman, Ryan University of Cincinnati
Perkins, Natalie Acton Purdue University
Peters, Isabella Nita University of Cincinnati
Phillips, Samuel D Wabash College
Piper, Olivia Theresa Ball State University
Pivonka, Katelyn Ann Marian University
Pohl, Anna Elizabeth Indiana University
Prazeau, Sarah Susanne Purdue University
Priego, Guadalupe Isabel IUPUI
Prince, Colin Brice University of Arizona
Pruitt, Mason William Indiana University
Quadrini, Dominic Michael Purdue University
Quarto, Ava Antoinette Xavier University
Rebolledo, Marco Antonio Indiana University
Renz, Elizabeth Grace University of Louisville
Rhoad, Nathan Richard Purdue University
Rice, Hayley Harding Purdue University
Richey, Isaac Thomas Purdue University
Rivas, Suzanne Alejandra Saint Mary's College
Rodgers, Aaron Steven Hanover College
Rojas-Landers, Michael Enrique Wabash College
Russell, Liona Marie New York University
Sagebiel, Caroline Emily Belmont University
Sally, Christina Lynn Indiana University
Sanchez, Elizabeth Marie Purdue University
Sanders, Bo A Elon University
Saucerman, Sophia R University of Indianapolis
Schlebecker, Thomas Xavier Ball State University
Schmidt, Katherine Elizabeth University of Detroit Mercy
Schneider, Jacob Michael Purdue University
Schoenfeld, Nathan Scott DePauw University
Schofield, Peyton Adam Charleston Southern University
Schommer, Jacob Vernon University of Indianapolis
Schultz, Laura Anne Loyola University Chicago
Sell, Morgan Grace Indiana University
Slivka, Jordan James Ohio University
Smith, Joel Christopher IUPUI
Sorg, Emily Elizabeth Purdue University
Speer, Kensington Marie Smith College
Stenson, Mary Grace University of Dayton
Stepp, Kennedy Anae DePauw University
Stewart, Chase Alexander Western Kentucky University
Stiffler, Ryan Noel United State Airforce Academy
Sweeney, Avaleen Mary The University of Alabama
Taylor, Alexander D. Ball State University
Temple, Mary Kathryn University of Notre Dame
Terrell, Kiyah Jessica Tennessee State University
Thies, Audrey Christine Purdue University
Thomas, Abigail Nissan Indiana University
Tran, Madison Haoi-an Loyola University Chicago
Troy, Matthew Stephen Wabash College
Tsueda, Michael Alexander Indiana University
Tull, Gretchen C. Indiana University
Tuttle, Emma Marie University of Southern Indiana
Uecker, Marissa Kathryn Saint Louis University
Ugo, Maria Kathryn Saint Mary's College
Utzinger, Jennifer Maureen Indiana University
Vassilo, Cole Evan Wabash College
Vastag, Abigail Brynn Indiana University
Vavul, Isabelle Margaret Butler University
Veazie, Corinne Paige Loyola University Chicago
Vielee, Charles Dezelan Indiana University
Walendzak, Lukasz Robert George Mason University
Walker, Meg Lauren Indiana University
Waltman, Jack Thomas Indiana University
Washington, Maliq Deon Purdue University
Watson, Joseph A University of Cincinnati
Wayne, James Earl Indiana State University
Weaver, Jensen Lucille Indiana University
Webb, Jia Lou Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Welch, Robert Vincent Indiana University
Welch, Ross M Indiana University
Wharton, Mychal-Nichelle Antoinette Alabama A&M University
Whitlock, Emma Jane Indiana University
Wojtalik, Abraham Raymond Ball State University
Worrell, Natalie Cathleen DePauw University
Wright, Jonathan Frederick Xavier University
Wylam, McKenna Carol Indiana University
Young, Sydney Katherine Indiana University