Cathedral Will Return to eLearning


We are proud that Cathedral High School formulated and implemented a 60-plus page safety plan this summer, which took into account the possibility of a need to pivot based on COVID positivity rates. We are fortunate that this planning and preparation have allowed us to stay in school face-to-face for the majority of the first semester. What an accomplishment!

The Marion County Health Department announced that all K-12 schools must switch to virtual learning. As an educational leader in the community, Cathedral High School already had a plan to pivot to virtual learning if and when needed. In the past week, we have seen an extreme spike in positive COVID cases among both our students and our educators. Therefore, stemming from our own data and metrics, we will be making that transition beginning Tuesday, November 17, and continuing through Tuesday, January 19.

Moving forward:

Friday, November 14 - face-to-face learning at Cathedral 
Monday, November 16 - regular Mission Monday schedule
Tuesday, November 17 - all classes will begin being held virtually. *This is a day 6 in the cycle.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, November 25,26,27 - No school - Thanksgiving Break
*We will continue to follow the Mission Monday schedule each Monday during E-Learning.

We will continue to start each day, as a school, with prayer and pledge. All students will also be expected to follow Cathedral E-Learning expectations.

Cathedral will be sending a detailed E-Learning Plan early next week, which will include the details for the following areas:

  • Support for Learning Support/Learning Resource Students

  • One-on-one, Meetings with Counselors (virtual and in person)

  • Mental Health Supports

  • Teacher Office Hours (virtual and in person)

*Since we are not under lockdown protocols from the Marion County Health Department, as we were during our E-Learning in the spring, we can still safely offer face-to-face support for our students. This virtual learning experience will be much different than last spring.

Athletic practices and games can continue, but with limited attendance. Athletic Director Rick Streiff will advise each head coach on how to proceed based on guidance from the Marion County Health Department and the IHSAA.

Extracurricular activities will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Please encourage your child to reach out to his/her group’s advisor with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your support of Cathedral High School. Please continue to pray for all who have been directly impacted by COVID-19.


“Let nothing disturb you,

Nothing frighten you,

all things are passing,

God is unchanging.

Patience gains all; nothing is lacking to those who have God; 

God alone is sufficient.”


With hope for a brighter tomorrow,


Dr. Bridges, President

Mrs. Barthel, Principal