Cathedral Announces Tuition Freeze for Second Year In A Row


Cathedral High School's tuition next school year will remain at the 2018/19 level for the second year in a row. President Rob Bridges announced the tuition freeze during Cathedral's Open House on November 14. 

"Thanks to the generosity of our Cathedral community, families can rest assured students will receive the same exceptional, faith-based education next year that they've always received and not have to worry about an increase in tuition," says Bridges. "Cathedral is blessed to be able to provide families with this peace of mind."

Cathedral froze tuition for the first time in her history for the 2019/20 school year. "Cathedral High School is committed to keeping our school as affordable as possible by either continuing the tuition freeze over multiple years or by keeping any increases as low as possible."

Cathedral's Board of Directors approves the school's tuition each year. The Board approved the 2020/21 tuition freeze at its November meeting, keeping Cathedral's tuition at $15,765. 

Cathedral High School celebrated her 100th anniversary on September 13, 2018. As the only Holy Cross high school in the state of Indiana, Cathedral has a rich tradition of excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics.