Cathedral, a premier Catholic high school in the Holy Cross tradition, transforms the hearts and minds of a diverse group of students to have the competence to see and the courage to act.

Cathedral will be the Catholic high school of the future, providing the best possible education for the individual student with a firm foundation in Holy Cross values.

Strategic Plan
Since 2019, Cathedral's leadership team has been working on a plan that will do more than keep Cathedral competitive in an extremely competitive school market. The strategic plan focuses on Cathedral's deep tradition while keeping both eyes on the future. Education as a whole has been forced to adjust to a society that is changing rapidly. Creating larger, more flexible
spaces to educate our students allows our classroom educators to be bold and innovative in their approaches. Our fantastic new Innovation Center is a bold example of that, but it doesn’t end there. The strategic plan encompasses how Greatness is Calling our school community in the areas of the Arts, Academics, Student Life, Inclusivity and Diversity, Technology, Advancement, Marketing and Enrollment, Finance, Facilities, and Professional Development and Growth. And of course, our Catholic, Holy Cross traditions and values serve as an umbrella for each area. Our Vision Statement says that we “will be the Catholic high school of the future,” and the new strategic plan helps us fulfill that pledge.