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Notes for Summer School 2017

Dress Code

As previously announced, all summer school students are to follow the "school year" dress code. 

  • All students must wear the Cathedral long or short sleeved logo shirts available only in the Cathedral Bookstore. 
  • Only a Cathedral uniform sweatshirt or sweater may be worn over the logo shirt.
  • Only a plain white t-shirt may be worn under the Cathedral logo shirt. Colored undershirts will not be permitted. 
  • Long sleeved undershirts are not permitted. 
  • Cathedral's uniform pants are khaki pants that are ordered from Risse Brothers uniform company. Pants should be worn properly around the waist. Pants that are altered or cut in any way will not be permitted. 
  • Sock must be worn at all times.
  • Hats, sunglasses, head wraps, dew-rags, beads and hair picks are not permitted.
  • As during the regular school year, Fridays will be "activity days" and Cathedral spirit t-shirts or sweatshirts may be worn with uniform pants. 
  • PE students may wear any shorts with a Cathedral spirit shirt or a solid colored t-shirt. Socks and tennis shoes are required. Also, all belongings are locked up safely in a room inside the cafeteria during class. 
  • For questions regarding uniforms, please call Risse Brothers at 317-770-0898 or the Cathedral Spirit Shop at 317-968-7388


Due to the shortened schedule for summer school, 100% attendance is expected. If an emergency arises and your student must be absent from school, please call the attendance line and report the absence at 317-543-4942, then option 1. Final exams will be on Friday, June 30, 2017: therefore, this is a mandatory day of summer school. 



Students taking Health, Bridges, and Study Skills will be using their iPads in class and will undergo Onboarding with the Technology Department June 5th - 8th. Students taking Physical Education will undergo Onboarding with their iPad on Tuesday, June 20th . 


Students do not need to purchase any books; however, they will need their iPad for all classes with the exception of Physical Education. Students do need a folder, notebook, pens and pencils for all classes. 

Kelly Hall

All classes will be held in the main building in Kelly Hall with the exception of Physical Education. Physical Education will meet in 4108 (Cafeteria). 


Flik, our catering company, will be offering lunch to all summer school students. Students can pay with cash, or use their mealtime accounts. 

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Room Assignments

Below you will find a list of courses and their classroom numbers. All classes will be held in Kelly Hall (main building). For any classroom number beginning with 41, classes will be held in the basement, any classroom number beginning with 42, classes will be on the main floor, and any classroom number beginning with 43, classes will be on the 2nd floor of Kelly Hall. 

Students in Physical Education can enter through the Welch Activity Center doors and take the hallway to the cafeteria to check in with their teacher.  

There will be teachers and administrators on-site to help guide students to their appropriate classrooms on the first day. 

Morning Session: (8:00 - 11:30 am)

  •  Health: 4106, 4109, and 4235
  • Economics: 4344
  • Physical Education: 4108 (cafeteria)
  • Math Bridges: 4102
  • English Bridges: 4104
  • Study Skills: 4237

Afternoon Session: (12:00 - 3:30 pm)

  •  Health: 4106, 4109
  • Government: 4339
  • Speech: 4237
  • Physical Education: 4108 (cafeteria)














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