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Cathedral High School is a private Catholic college-preparatory school affiliated with the Brothers of Holy Cross. Founded in 1918, it is one of the oldest and largest Catholic high schools in the state of Indiana and has a student body of nearly 1300 in grades 9 to 12.

Academic Positions:

No positions at this time. 


Staff Positions:

Registrar: Cathedral High School in Indianapolis, an independent Catholic college preparatory high school in the Holy Cross Tradition, is accepting applications for a registrar.

The Registrar oversees and directs any/all activities related to student records. Candidates must be knowledgeable of FERPA laws and requirements and must stay up to date on state regulations. Candidates should have a general knowledge of how a high school guidance office and administrative offices operate.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Maintains, updates, collects, and distributes all permanent records as needed for students enrolled in or transferring in/out of the school.

Greets and welcomes guests to the Guidance department, as well as completes record keeping as needed for guidance counselors.

Coordinates visits by college/university representatives, manages student registration for such visits, and announces such visits to school community.

Responsible for sending records to colleges, universities, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), etc. for current students and/or graduates.

Maintains student transcripts and fulfills all requests for transcripts as appropriate.

Collects final 8th grade report cards for entering freshmen and reviews them for successful completion of 8th grade.

Requests and inputs pertinent academic data for entering freshmen and/or transfer students. Such data includes, but is not necessarily limited to, placement test scores, End of Course Assessment (ECA) results and credit for previous coursework.

Directs all grade reporting.

Posts all honor rolls, and distributes them to “feeder” schools and churches. Updates all GPA’s.

Incomplete grades:

• Update grades when informed by teacher that a student has completed a class

• Add credit to semester courses and update GPA’s once a grading period is completed

• Send an updated report card to the family.

Maintains confidentiality of all records. Inputs all courses into student management databases (currently PowerSchool)

Creates the master schedule for the school.

• Course clean-up – with input from Department Heads/counselors

• Check accuracy and courses included in Course Description Guide

• Change set-up of how the courses are visible and ready for student requests in PS

• Have courses ready for course requests in Feb

• Assess numbers of requests per courses

• Communicate and work directly with department heads regarding courses and who is teaching which classes, class sizes, room sharing etc.

• Know the IB students needs to make the schedule accordingly so they can take the classes they need

• Put the schedule together. Students requests, teachers requests, sections, rooms, course maximums

• Balance teachers for resources/lunch duty – move students prior to school starting

• Report on numbers of students in each class, numbers of students being taught per teacher per period

• Any reporting questions asked regarding the schedule and the students and teachers

Generates any reports asked for by staff/faculty members

Works with the school’s Information Technology staff in utilizing school student databases (currently PowerSchool) to collect student performance data, to develop mechanisms for reporting such data, and to provide reports about such data as necessary.

Works as part of the Integration Team to connect all systems from Admissions to Advancement.

Schedules the Guidance Conference Room.

Provides data reports for the Indiana Department of Education and other selected constituents as required by the state.

Participates in annual professional development activities as required.

If interested, please download the application from Cathedral’s website ( and send it with a cover letter and resume to Mr. Matthew McCutcheon, Chief Academic Officer at  While submissions through email are preferred, you may send material through mail to Cathedral High School, 5225 E. 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46226.  Applications may also be faxed to Mr. McCutcheon’s attention at (317) 543-5050.


Deadline for application is Tuesday, August 31, 2016.

Athletic Positions:

No positions at this time.

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